How to have your say on MP selections

The following guidance applies to the Conservative & Unionist Party, and is a democratic way for local members to take an element of control over local selections for Parliamentary Candidates. 

Under clause 10.1.2 of Schedule 7 of the Conservative Party's constitution, a Special General Meeting of an Association or Federation can be called by a petition signed by not less than fifty members of the Association or 10% of the current qualifying membership of the Association (whichever is less) sent to the Secretary of the Executive Council of the Association requesting them to convene such a meeting. If there is no Secretary in post, it can be sent to the Chairman or Chairwoman. Local party members can do this by sending an email, either one-by-one or by using a 'round robin' format. A printed version with physical signatures can also be presented.

YOU, as local party members, have more power than they want you to know about.

It does not matter if your Parliamentary Candidate has already been selected; a Special General Meeting has the power to change its mind. 

We have provided below a list of sitting Conservative MPs who have been drawn to our attention by Patriot Club members, along with the email address for the Association that local members would need to send an email/letter to. A sample of wording that you can use is below.

The motion being put to the meeting allows members to choose if they back their Parliamentary Candidate by voting in favour of the motion, or if they don't back the candidate by voting against it. If the motion is lost, then the Association would have to consider the role of Parliamentary Candidate to be vacant.

Sample Email and Motion

Dear Chairman

I am writing to request a Special General Meeting to consider the following motion:

“That this meeting of members of the [INSERT ASSOCIATION NAME HERE] Conservative Association confirms the selection and adoption of XXX as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the XXX Constituency.”

Yours sincerely


A Selection of Parliamentary Candidates

Patriot Club members have identified a number of Parliamentary Candidates and Association email addresses where letters/emails can be sent.

Bim Afolami - Hitchin and Harpenden Conservative Association
01582 761 796
[email protected]

Alicia Kearns - Rutland and Melton Conservative Association
33 High Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 0TR
01664 566444
[email protected]

Tobias Elwood - Bournemouth East Conservative Association
Balfour Road, Moordown, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 2AZ
01202 397 047 Mon-Fri 9:30-16:00
[email protected]

Alan Mak – Havant Conservative Association
Denvilles House, 33 Emsworth Road, Havant, PO9 2SN
02392 475 066
[email protected]

Roger Gale - North Thanet (Herne Bay and Sandwich Conservative Association)
The Old Forge, 215A Canterbury Road, Birchington CT7 9AH
01843 844 522
[email protected]

Simon Hoare - North Dorset Conservative Association
NDCA, Stables White Cliff Gardens, Blandford Forum, DT11 7BU
01258 452420
[email protected]

Caroline Nokes - Romsey and Southampton North
13 Market Place, Romsey, SO51 8NA 
[email protected]

Victoria Atkins - Louth and Horncastle Conservative Association
07555 321580
[email protected]

Laura Trott – Sevenoaks Conservative Association
First Floor, 6 Wealden Place, Bradbourne Vale Road, Sevenoaks, TN13 3QQ
01732 452 261
[email protected]

Alberto Costa - South Leicestershire Conservative Association
1st Floor, 3 Green Road, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire. LE9 6RA
01455 283 594
[email protected]

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