Welcome to the Patriot Club 

Thank you for caring about our country as much as we do.

As Patriots we champion Britain and help protect her values, heritage, history, customs and principles. Together we also campaign for free markets, free people, free speech, low taxes and small government. 

People power is key and together our Patriot Club shield protects us from socialism. We also hold the government and ‘powers that be’ to account. Together we campaign, sign petitions and move mountains protecting our great country.

So please sign up today and we will keep you updated with issues we need your help with.

For example, as per the Conservative Party's Constitution with 10,000 Conservative Party Members signing a petition, we can trigger the process of changing the party's rules. However, even if you're not a Conservative Party Member, your voice, vote, or signature is very important and together we become more powerful.

So please join us. It costs you nothing and you will help make Great Britain even greater! Thank you.

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